Our Team ALTRA

Let me show the persons that help me until present day

1.Sales and Marketing

Moch.Ramdhani a.k.a Dhani or CurQ…

he is the man behind the mobile phone. He is the mouth of the company. Face so many different type of persons. He almost not affraid of anything.


Agus…a.k.a Atu

He is specialist for everything. Formerly work to build Cellular Tower,CCTV installation, cabling, roof repair and he is a Hairdresser also.unique combination. But one thing..he is affraid of heights.

3. Operative/Installer

Irfan a.k.a Panjul

He is not affraid of heights, with only 45kgs of weight he can nearly go anywhere needed…he can crawl at the ceiling or he can climb up very fast. He has Mechanical Engineer ability, motorcycle specialist.

4. Man behind the Wheel

Well…that’s me. I control almost all activities. I am the decision maker, the bad guy, the devil I am also God of this company. 

We begin to get large and larger… with pray from all people around us. 

I hate when people try to control and decide what we have to do.

So….Sonna Cosa Nostra…we take care our own bussiness.

Hope all the customers enjoy to do bussiness with us. We’re just do bussiness.



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